Once you’re able to overcome a struggle, you feel amazing. So don’t regret what you went through, be grateful that you were able to overcome it because honestly you wouldn’t be able to feel that satisfaction of feeling great after overcoming an obstacle without struggling to begin with.

The funny part is that once you do overcome the situation, if someone had been an influence to your struggle, they will always come back to your life at some point. You see, no one is a direct cause for your struggle emotionally because if you were affected emotionally then it means that you made yourself feel this way because it’s impossible for someone to affect you emotionally unless you let them change your thoughts about yourself.

Admitting that you are struggling is the probably the hardest part in the whole overcoming process. You see, I’ve struggled silently two years by myself confiding in complete strangers thinking they will try and help me with my emotional burdens in life. However, although this may very well likely help for a few weeks or even a few months, at the end of the day these strangers do not love you and will give up on you if you don’t seek the help that will guide you into a better place. This place is called self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is something that is vital to our everyday life. It’s what makes us feel worthy in life and at often times grateful for the smallest things that we have. Without self-acceptance you will never have complete peace within yourself. Now this doesn’t mean that you will have peace everyday for the rest of your life because truthfully situations will come up that will cause you to become angry, sad, depressed or whatever else self-defeating emotions there are. However, learning and understanding self-acceptance for your self will help you dwell less and/or get too much into the funk when these obstacles do come up.

At the end of the day, we determine how we will feel emotionally. Everyday I continue to fight for my life. I know I have many issues to deal with mentally, physically, fundamentally and even though some of my problems are for the long haul, I’m grateful that I’m able to wake up everyday and continue to have the chance to make things right for myself. None of us are quitters, I don’t care if your doing drugs, drinking alcohol or whatever while reading this post, I’ve been there and I’ve never quit and look at me now, on a path to recovery after battling my emotions everyday for so long silently.

Until the day you don’t wake up you have a chance to make things right. Don’t leave this world being a coward who was to scared to speak up for yourself. Who gives a flying crap what anyone may think about you seeking help, the people that love is what matters and the people that love you will never talk crap about you and struggle, they will always be encouraging you. Don’t go out a quitter.